Right now you would like to be me. You would like to trade your life for mine, just for a moment. So that it would be you insteed of me laying at the pool. Getting burned by the sun and drinking your throath cold with coconutmilk. Your dream is right now my reality. I am not the kind of person that brags, but this. This I have to tell you is one of the best times in my life.

I would also like to do a little recommendation on a book I'm reading. I am not much of a reader but when I occasionally read a book that I really like, I get into it and I am almost getting frantic about it. Reading trhow page after page untill I am at the last of the pages reding the last sentence and then finally close the book sit back and just relax. The book that's on my mind is a million little pices by James Fray. Read it love it and just get frantic about it.

Postat av: N

och så fort det handlar om böcker är kommentarfältet tomt. such a shame!

2008-04-30 @ 15:18:37
Postat av: TINTIN

aa. riktigt skamligt, men jag har tänkt på saken..
Det kan ju vara så att mina läsare är inget vidare på engelska.

2008-05-01 @ 19:17:07
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